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I am a Care Bear freak.   I think that explains a lot.  My first care bear was wish bear, so that is the reason why she is my favorite.  I started collecting them when i was 14/15, around that age, but didn't find out about the wonderful world of ebay untill later, that is where I find most of my Care bears.  My sister, started collecting care bears shortly after me.  Her collection has grown much bigger then mine, but that is ok.  I am getting there.  There are still a lot of care bears I don't have.    I am looking forward for the new 2002 Care bears to come out, they are so very cute.  Hi mom, Hi Dad. 
*kiss* for Chris, *kiss* for chas.
And no, I havn't forgotten, hi Angie, Matt, Nikki, Andy and Barb.


Close Friends
I was told I should put some more, "about me."  I guess I can mention a couple of my closest friends... :)   Well, there is Chris T.  (picture coming soon)  I have been friends with him since 8th grade.  He goes into the best friends pile. (Now he spends most of his time with his love, Ashley)
Another close friend is Bobbi, a fellow cheerleader.  I have a picture of her and other cheer buddies on my photo album.  Don't talk to her much anymore though, we live in different states now.
Now there is Joel, can't forget Joel.  I have known him since 8th grade too.   He also is a good friend.  I know I can count on him to be there, if I ever need him to be. 
So, to my close friends, thanks for being there, and going through my b*%% S*&#% with me....

Well, what else can I tell you about me.  Anyone who would actually sit down and read this, probably already knows pretty much everything about me.  So if you ask me, anything else would be just repeated known facts, or to someone who doesn't know me, VERY BORING junk.  So, I have decided to stop typing, I may get extremely bored some day and decide to give my whole life story out on the internet.    Until then, that's all folks.

My Care Bear Wish List
Plush Grumpy Bear
Plush Champ Bear
2002 Care Bears
Care bear material
Plush mini's
Rainbow Roller
Rare Care bears and care bear Cousins
(loyal heart dog)
(Proud heart Cat)
(Playful Heart Monkey)
the list goes on and on
(hint hint *wink wink*)

Angie (sister) Wish List
Harmony Bear******
(she of course has a lot more
but that is like, priority right now)